Select one of the following menu choices:

The following are served Plate Service.

A. Roast Beef Entree
B. Seasoned Chicken Entree
C. Roast Turkey Entree
D. Pork Schnitzel Entree
E. Roast Beef & Seasoned
--- Chicken Entree
F. Roast Beef & Turkey Entree
G. Roast Beef & Pork Schnitzel  Entree 
H. Pork Schnitzel & Seasoned
--- Chicken Entree
I. Pork Schnitzel & Turkey Entree
J. Chicken Cordon Bleu Entree
K. Chicken Marsala Entree
L. Chicken Parmigiana Entree

Home Style service is available at an additional $3.00 per person.




Choice of one of the following:

* Tossed Salad served with house dressing
* Spring Mixed served with home made balsamic dressing
* Strawberry Almond Spring Mix Salad served with homemade honey dressing
* Creamy Caesar Salad or
* Greek Salad


Choice of one of the following:

* Roasted
* Creamy Whipped
* Parsley Boiled


Choice of Fresh Mixed Vegetables or two of the following

* Baby Carrots
* Peas
* Corn
* Green Beans
* Broccoli served with Cheese Sauce
* Cauliflower served with Cheese Sauce


Choice of one of the following:

* Seasonal Fruit Filled PIes
* Chocolate Mousse
* Seasonal Fruit Crepes
* Apple Strudel with Vanilla Custard Sauce
* Cheese Cake with a Cherry Compode
* Raspberry Almond Cream Crepes
* Strawberry Shortcake

All selections are served with rolls, butter, gravy, coffee and tea

Children 5 and under are free, age 6 to 12 are half price of the package selected. Guests with special dietary needs will be addressed on an individual basis. Vegetarian Meals are pasta.

We do not offer food tastings services.




For an additional fee of $7.00 per person you can replace your entree with one of the following entree's

5oz Beef Tenderloin served with a Mushroom gravy

8oz Atlantic Salmon Fillet served with a Dill Sauce

7oz Chicken Supreme served with a Cream Sauce

Add a course to your meal:

(Prices based per person and do not include HST )

Perogies $6.00
Cabbage Rolls $6.00
Spinach & Cheese Manicotti $6.00
Beef Cannelloni $6.00
Shrimp Cocktail $6.00
Anti-Pasto Plate $15.75